The word ‘shortcut’ is often used negatively, especially to connote looking for a lazy way to achieve a goal. However, I posit that there is nothing wrong with taking ‘shortcuts’ to achieve your important goal for instance to build and run a profitable business, provided the path taken is not illegal, unethical, or unfair..

If it should take five years for your business to become profitable but the same profitability can be achieved within two years legally and ethically, would you not rather follow the shorter path?

If you have the knowledge and can avoid the mistakes that would delay the success of your business, would you not rather follow that path?

If there are vital lessons that will save you from losing money, time, and opportunities needlessly, would you not rather embrace and apply them?

In other words, why would you want to take a ‘longcut’ when you can take a ‘shortcut’ and still achieve success?

Embrace information and practices that will enable you actualize your goals as quickly as possible.


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Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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