Business Accelerators (Paperback)

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Business Accelerators (Paperback)


Entrepreneurs often work hard pursuing their dream, whether it’s starting a new business, trying to break even, or scaling.

Somewhere along the way, they encounter challenges that result in poor sales, operational disruptions, low profit margins, inability to scale, and a litany of concerns that keep them awake at night.

Drawing from his own experience as a business owner and years of engagement with businesses in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the author highlights fundamental errors that often hinder, delay, or derail business success.

In BUSINESS ACCELERATORS, you will discover:

  • Your number one job as a business owner
  • Strategies for generating viable business ideas
  • How to get into profit as quickly as possible
  • How to cope with the dark side of entrepreneurship
  • 3 major obstacles to business growth
  • How to outsmart competitors through innovation
  • The real reasons for poor sales
  • How to turn new customers into repeat customers
  • 9 ways to raise funds to start or scale your business
  • 3 types of structures required to run and scale a business
  • How to transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • Top areas businesses waste money unknowingly
  • 6 ways to exit your business profitably

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