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1. Product Viability Quiz: There are important questions you must be able to answer confidently to assess the viability of your business idea for a new product or service. Click on Product Viability Quiz to check how viable your idea is.

2. Business Health Quiz: Is your business heading in the right direction? Take this Business Health Quiz to assess the overall health of your business.

3. Sales Quiz: If you are not making sales, your business will struggle. Take this Sales Quiz to assess your sales performance and identify areas of improvement.



knowledge is power

1. Click on List of Business Ideas to access over 350 business ideas you explore for a new product or service.

2. Click on List of Criteria to Consider In Generating Business Ideas to get inspiration for new business ideas and innovations.

3. Click on List of Questions Investors Normally Ask to read the kind of questions you can expect to be asked by investors or creditors when you are pitching to raise funding to start or scale your business.

4. Click on List of Funding Sources to check 500 organisations and platforms providing grants, VC funding, angel investment and crowdfunding opportunities to businesses.