As we draw the curtain on 2011 and usher in a new year, deep
within most people will be the desire to increase their level of personal
success in 2012. To succeed in virtually any arena however, it is always
imperative to first examine the reasons for failure and underachievement with a
view to gaining insights that will help in the drive to achieve desired
success. Listed below therefore are the 7 most common factors that hold people
back from achieving the success they are truly capable of.

1. Not Being Clear on What They Want.
Many folks only have a vague idea of what they want in life.
They know what they don’t want but that isn’t the same thing as knowing what
they want. As a result, they are unable to find what they cannot define. What
jobs should they apply for
? Where realistically do they see themselves in 5, 10
years from now
? What career options should they pursue? What kind of person
should they marry
? What goals and interests should they really be pursuing?
What business should they venture into?  

Friend, If you would make the most of the year
2012, then a quality proportion of your time must be spent clarifying your
purpose, wants, needs, interests, values and goals. The more clear you are
about what you want out of life, why you want it and the specific steps you
should begin to take immediately to actualize them, the brighter your chances
are of succeeding in any venture.

2. Operating on Autopilot
The average person operates on autopilot. Most of their
daily actions are repetitive tasks they have been mentally programmed to carry
out without the need to think about them before doing. As a result of this
subconscious habit of doing the same things again and again, they get the same
kinds of outcomes again and again year in, year out- average, unsatisfactory or no results.
Surprisingly however, they keep on hoping, dreaming, wishing, affirming that
things will turn out differently when in reality, they haven’t done anything
different or specific that will assure a better outcome. 

To make the most of
2012, you will need to constantly evaluate your actions, solicit feedback, set
challenging goals and engage in creative thinking. You need to make a paradigm shift from being an effort-driven person to being a result-oriented person. In other words, you must move from celebrating efforts to celebrating results. Take daily steps that will ensure the outcomes you obtain are what you really want and not what life throws at you.  

3.Self-Limiting Beliefs.
Few things have profound effects on people’s performance and
by consequence, their achievements, as their belief systems. Whatever people
believe, they not only tend to act out, they also become. The danger here is
that there are many facts people believe that are not necessarily true. When a child that was naturally born intelligent is repeatedly told he is
stupid, over time, he will not only believe he is stupid, he will equally begin
to act that way. 

Only very few people in life, relatively speaking are truly limited- incapable of doing anything without others’ intervention. Most of what
people identify as ‘their’ limitations are really not limitations. A limitation
that is incapable of preventing another individual from succeeding cannot be
described as limitation. People without parental or family support, with little
or no education, with particular skin colour, among others, have overcome
barriers that others with the similar conditions are using as excuses for
underachievement. There may be many excuses for underachievement but there are no cogent reasons.My personal motto is no excuses, why not make it yours too in 2012?

4. Waiting For Things to Happen
Life functions on the principle of cause and effect. Otherwise termed the law of sowing and reaping or of action and reaction, it simply means we get out of life what we put into life. Suprisingly, there are folks out there who continually hope, dream, wish, confess or even pray for specific outcomes without ever putting in the corresponding actions required to make them happen. They hope and wait for things to happen forgetting that in life, nothing ventured nothing gained. Things happen as we take the step to make them happen. 

At times, people wait because they are depending on luck. For instance, some keep playing lottery hoping that one day their fortune will be changed by it- and in 99.9% of cases, it never does. Some others perpetually wait for the ideal condition or for somebody somewhere to do something sometime before they can act. By so waiting they waste time. There are others who are indecisive because they have resigned to what they erroneously term ‘fate’. They feel that the course of their lives is shaped by some external forces and that regardless of what they do or don’t do, what will be will be. Inaction is the prime reason for underachievement in life.

5. Inability to Handle Setbacks

Difficulties, mistakes, tragedies, obstacles,
disappointments, momentary failures etc are all part and parcel of life. We do
not wish them away. But the real tragedy of life is not in encountering a
tragedy but in not moving on from it. Between you and any significant success
will be obstacles on your path. However, it is the very propensity of not
willing to meet with obstacles at all, not knowing how to overcome them or
giving up when they arise, that puts people in a condition where they are
unable to rise above mediocrity. 

There are those who perpetually focus on what
they don’t have rather than on what they have. They are so paralyzed by the
awareness of actions they are unable to carry out that they lose sight of what
they are capable of doing in the interim.

6. Low Aspiration
Our aspirations as individuals have a direct correlation to our accomplishments in life. Where people have average, low or no aspiration to succeed in any venture– marriage, parenthood, career, business, sports, academics etc, they achieve little or no results. By contrast, when people are result-oriented, they are strongly determined to succeed and they do all that is humanly and legally possible to achieve outstanding results in their ventures. 

The key to motivating oneself or others for high aspiration is to focus on the benefits, not the obstacles, that come with achieving particular success. Think of how many needy people you could help if you were a millionaire. Imagine the quality of life your kids could live if only you took steps to improve your own career prospect. Imagine how many unemployed people you could provide jobs for if you succeeded in your business. Imagine what happy memories and worthy legacy your children would have if your marriage succeeded.

7. Operating in Isolation
It is extremely difficult if not outrightly impossible to
achieve outstanding results in life without the input of others. Jesus did not
commence his global ministry until he had appointed 12 disciples to work with
him. Studies and experience have shown again and again that lives work best in
healthy associations and not in isolation. To make the most of 2012 and the
rest of your life, you will need to build and maintain productive relationships
with other people. 

You need healthy relationship with principals to mentor and
challenge you, partners to work with and proteges to share your knowledge and
experience with. You need friends to share your joys and pains with. You need
to invest in making your immediate family happy, contented and secured for your
well-being and theirs. You will also need to dis-engage from harmful relationships. 

Wishing you a prosperous new year!!!

Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


About the Facilitator – Ayo Adebamowo Ayo Adebamowo is an Author, Speaker and Tech Entrepreneur. He is the founder of MyMedicalBank, a health technology company promoting digital access to healthcare through creating innovative digital solutions.

A Nigerian-British national, Ayo has been named as one of the 70 Most Outstanding Healthcare Professionals in the United Kingdom.

Having started and run various businesses himself in healthcare, technology, agriculture and publishing, Ayo very much understands from a practical point of view the pains, struggles and mistakes aspiring and established business owners often make that delay their success. He therefore brings his wealth of experience coupled with years of experience and research to help other entrepreneurs succeed in their journey.

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