Why would Real Madrid FC pay an astonishing world record football transfer fee of £80 million to acquire Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United FC in 2009, right in the heart of the deepest global economic recession since the Second World War? The answer lies in Ronaldo’s ability to generate outstanding results on the football pitch. Considered against the background that the player was acquired for only £12.24 million by Manchester United from Sporting FC of Portugal just six years earlier and a clear picture of how he had appreciated immensely in value on the strength of his high quality results emerges.
Ability to generate results, particularly notable results, attracts interest in both the results produced and the producer of the results. The results you produce in any area of life ultimately enhance your value. Those results indicate that there is something of value in you, the producer. When you are thus perceived to be valuable in your field, you naturally attract patronage. This is because patronage invariably flows in the direction of value. Your ability to generate results secures you recognition and recognition in turn attracts opportunities. By making you become known, the results you generate open doors of opportunities to you.
Success naturally comes with being known; the more you are known, the more opportunities you attract and the more successful you become. Increase in business for instance comes with being increasingly known. Customers patronize the products and services of businesses they know and trust. The electorate vote for politicians they know and believe in. People will buy the books of authors they know more readily than they will the books of authors they don’t know. To become ‘known’ in this context is for the inherent value you possess to be discovered. You are adjudged to be valuable when you are perceived by others to have the capacity to add value to people’s lives and endeavours. Results make you become sought after and preferred to your competitors in any field. In essence, your results are your best advertisers. You are not just advertised by your ‘words’ but by your ‘works’, by your ‘achievements’ not by your ‘claims’.

(An extract from the book: A Life of Impact.)

Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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