The principles of success are universal, timeless and constant. The reasons why people succeeded in marriage, career, business, parenting, ministry, leadership, sales, finances, goal achievement or any area of life in the past are the same reasons why people succeed in these areas today and will tomorrow. The reasons why people and businesses prosper in one country are the same reasons why people and businesses prosper in another country. Factors that contribute to high life expectancy in Spain are the same as those contributing to high life expectancy in Australia, the separating distance of 17,000km not withstanding. The reasons why people become legitimately wealthy in societies in the West are the same as obtainable in societies in the Far East, differences in climate and culture not withstanding. The reasons why people emerged Olympic champions 50 years ago are the same reasons they do today. The reasons why people end up as mediocre or poor in one part of the world are similar to what obtain in another part of the world.
The circumstances, details, periods of time, people involved and geographical locations may be different, but the underlying principles are always the same. There are reasons why people succeed or fail in any venture. Both success and failure can be explained. There are reasons why some marriages last while others end in divorce. There are reasons why some businesses and organisations grow while others operating in the same field and location, stagnate. Success is not accidental. Success is not determined by luck rather it is a predictable outcome.
The fact that there are reasons for success and failure accounts for why wisdom does not only teach principles of success, it also teaches principles of failures. In other words, wisdom teaches how people succeed and how people fail. Knowing the reasons for failure is particularly important, as people are liable to becoming victims of failure or repeating the failure of others when they are not sufficiently acquainted with reasons for failure.

(Article extracted from the book: A Life of Impact. Out Sept 2010)

Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


About the Facilitator – Ayo Adebamowo Ayo Adebamowo is an Author, Speaker and Tech Entrepreneur. He is the founder of MyMedicalBank, a health technology company promoting digital access to healthcare through creating innovative digital solutions.

A Nigerian-British national, Ayo has been named as one of the 70 Most Outstanding Healthcare Professionals in the United Kingdom.

Having started and run various businesses himself in healthcare, technology, agriculture and publishing, Ayo very much understands from a practical point of view the pains, struggles and mistakes aspiring and established business owners often make that delay their success. He therefore brings his wealth of experience coupled with years of experience and research to help other entrepreneurs succeed in their journey.

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