The Inspiration

I was inspired to write Accelerate in March 2023  when it suddenly dawned on me that it had been 10 years that I wrote my last book (2013). I sort of wondered to myself where did all that time go? I asked myself why did I not write for such a long time having written my first book Success Power in 2003, A Life of Impact in 2009 and Maximizing the Journey in 2013.

Once the idea came I began working on it immediately such that by end of May I had finished writing the manuscript and sent it off for proofreading and editorial review. By the end of June the book will be available to the public.

Taking just 3 months from ideation to public release, I must say it is my fastest written book ever and paradoxically the most voluminous at 310 pages! My previous books each took an average of 1 year to complete. In every sense I experienced acceleration in writing Accelerate.

Why such a big gap for an author?

First, it wasn’t intentional. I just got so occupied with other aspects of life that it didn’t occur to me the time had flown that much. Nonetheless I kept growing as a person, studying, learning, applying what I was learning to generate results, mentoring others and engaging in public speaking. It’s just that I wasn’t writing a book.

What was I doing in those 10 years? A lot I must say. One of the most important things that kept me that busy was starting and running MyMedicalBank, Nigeria’s first digital healthcare marketplace. I shared more on why I started MyMedicalBank and key lessons learnt so far in Accelerate.

Running MyMedicalBank, beginning from 2015 when I first got the business idea has been a blessing in more ways than one. It has given me a tremendous opportunity to learn things I never knew before. It has equally allowed me to put to practice many things I have learnt over time.

Over the years I have learnt and applied lessons in leadership, management, corporate governance, marketing, sales, product development, project management, human resource, networking, handling setbacks and much more.

What the Book is About
Accelerate is a non-fiction. It falls into the category of management books. It can also be classified as a self-help book. I like to describe it as a personal and professional development book. The writing of the book is premised on the understanding that applied knowledge is power. What we do stems largely from what we know. By changing or improving what we know we will change or improve what we do.

Accelerate therefore brings tested and workable knowledge together to enable readers apply it to their endeavours including career, business, leadership, relationships and finance for advancement. The book draws insights extensively from scientific research, philosophy, biographies, practical principles and life’s experiences.

It also draws vital lessons from historical and contemporary events, including the recent emergence of the AI chatbot ChatGPT as the biggest threat to Google, the exponential growth of TikTok, the landing of man on the moon, the US conviction of Hushpuppi the Instagram influencer for internet scam, Hilda Baci’s 100 hours Guinness World Record-breaking cooking marathon, and Ben Johnson’s infamous dirtiest 100m race, and  Barack Obama’s historic election as US President.

Profound insights are also drawn from the inspiring stores and quotes of individuals Elon Musk, Aliko Dangote, Jeff Bezos, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Tobi Amusan and many others.

You can read a sample of the book here.

Key Knowledge Benefits from Reading Accelerate

  1. Attract opportunities
  2. Overcome leadership limitations
  3. Build valuable relationships
  4. Build a system that lasts
  5. Produce, preserve, and perpetuate wealth
  6. Advance in your career
  7. Influence people
  8. Increase business sales
  9. Nurture potential unto greatness
  10. Make a positive mental shift
  11. Evaluate your progress
  12. Overcome stagnation
  13. Turn your pain into profit from
  14. Thrive in difficult times
  15. Increase business sales

Obtaining The Book

Accelerate will be available from June 30, 2023 both in print version and eBook on and Amazon and ships worldwide.

If you are interested in obtaining autographed copies of the book (signed by me as the author), kindly send a request to [email protected]

You can read a sample of the book here.


I always love hearing from my readers and to learn from you too. Peel free to leave your thoughts, suggestions, testimonials and questions about the book Accelerate in the comments section below. Thank you!

Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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