ACCELERATE is a 310-page prose written by Ayo Adebamowo, a Nigerian-British technpreneur, speaker and author. In 18 chapters, Adebamowo discloses timeless strategies that can be adopted in peoples’ quest to elevate, either in their personal or professional journeys in life. Here is a book written by a person who was focused, resolute, braved all odds, did not despise his days of little beginnings, meandered through the challenges of life he encountered, engaged in personal development, built up his knowledge through being an avid reader of books, acquiring education and skill and attending several seminars to move up from point A to point B.

Drawing from experiences, the author opines that progress in life is strategic, especially by making efforts to be better informed. Every advancement in life is predicated on constant advancement in knowledge, irrespective of people’s location or situation at any point in time.

Getting to the top whether in one’s personal life or professional career is regarded as herculean and will only be attained by the resilient, daring and courageous. Rather than sitting back, the message is ‘go for it, go for the stars.’

In chapter one, the author talks about the Wisdom Pathway and four important elements — the destination, the individual, the default mode and the design mode. The destination is the desired outcome, the individual is the person or persons aspiring to arrive at the destination, the default mode is the route people take considered most convenient, that is, autopilot mode; while those who follow the design mode in their quest for success are those who are strategic. The book canvasses that subscribing to the design mode is advantageous and can hasten attaining success compared to the default mode.

The book notes the tendency for people to get distracted and stray off the goal. In achieving goals, the need to write down the goals, strategic paths to the goals, timeliness are identified as critical.   The power of positive thinking or mindset, bearing in mind long-term implications of actions, is highlighted.

For those who give in to excuses or procrastination, the author, in chapter four, cautions people against falling ill to an ailment he called, “excusitisis”- a dream killer. On the tendency of fear, the author cautions people against procrastinating in the name of waiting for favourable conditions before taking action. He posits that there would hardly be perfectly favourable conditions to implement an action, arguing that it is better to launch an action.

The author, in chapter five, draws the path to wealth. With many humans keen on becoming super wealthy, the author explains that while having multiple streams of income is crucial, he adds that the key to becoming wealthy or financially independent is by owning assets.

According to the author, wealth is measured in assets, that is, acquiring assets and growing them to a point that they generate enough money to live on comfortably.

Just as people take measures to create wealth, the author identifies need to protect, perpetuate and ensure the wealth is enduring even for generations to come. While a salary job may be needed to have capital, entrepreneurship is identified as the most popular path to wealth.

Despite strategies, plans, the author notes that things sometimes do not go as planned.

Among concluding messages in Accelerate is not to allow one’s potential die with one. This is bearing in mind that all humans have talents, with several people not tapping them, or some underutilising them.

To develop potential, the author suggests that people embrace opportunities to perform, handle setbacks with grace, attend trainings.

In line with the saying, “Pride goes before a fall,” the author cautions that successful people may be tempted to become arrogant. He, however, admonishes self-control, being guided by the need to be accountable to others, adhering to rules and regulations.

This review of Accelerate was published in the Nigerian Tribune on July 12, 2023.



Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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