Motivational Night 2013


21 Reasons to Attend Motivational Night on Sat 25th May, 2013

Attending #MotivationalNightUK will give you opportunity to:

  1. Become inspired afresh to discover and pursue your dreams
  2. Learn strategies to improve your personal finances in the current economic climate
  3. Gain valuable insights to advance in your career
  4. Discover why & how to become an entrepreneur
  5. Understand and tap into the power of networking
  6. Make new friends & reconnect with old ones
  7. Showcase your products or services to the audience
  8. Listen to real life stories of individuals who have overcome barriers to success
  9. Regain your enthusiasm
  10. Learn to position yourself for emerging opportunities
  11. Network with others who are travelling in the same direction you are heading
  12. Sharpen your vision & clarify your values
  13. Gain practical tips on how to write your own book
  14. Listen to soul inspiring music to uplift your spirit
  15. Gain practical insights about organising your own speaking event
  16. Meet the speakers live and ask them questions
  17. Become partners with DY Empowerment Enterprises and Rhema Communications
  18. Become a member of Speakers Bureau
  19. Socialize with others over light refreshment
  20. Invest in your personal and professional development
  21. Generate new ideas to help you make the most of the remaining months in year 2013 and beyond

Theme: Pursue Your Dreams

Date: Saturday, 25th May, 2013

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Venue: City of Excellence, House 275-285 Stratford High Street, London E15 2TF

Speaker 1: Deji Yusuf, Motivational Speaker and Author of How to Live Your Dream

Speaker 2: Shewa Adeniji, Management Consultant and Financial Investor

Speaker 3: Ayo Adebamowo, Public Speaker and Author of Maximizing the Journey

Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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