Are you looking to improve your financial situation in 2024 – to be in a better position to actualize your dreams, solve a financial problem, help people, fund your retirement plans or simply earn a decent living?

Then an important question you need to first answer is the question of “what are you selling?”

Money as currency is always flowing around. It’s either flowing towards you or away from you. When you spend money, it flows away from you. When you sell value it flows towards you.

Always remember this: money does not flow indiscriminately, rather money flows in the direction of value. To attract money, you must sell value and constantly increase your capacity to sell higher value.

Selling value does not necessarily mean you have to run a shop or a business where you are selling commodities. Rather it means you are providing some kind of utility or benefits that people appreciate and are willing to pay for. This could mean selling your skills and time to an employer, selling your knowledge through teaching, training and consultancy or selling products and services that solve real problems for people or meet specific needs in their lives.

Human beings are naturally selfish. They like to hold tight to their money. It is a primal survival instinct. To make people willing to part with their hard earned money, you must offer them value in exchange for that money. This is the foundation upon which all true prosperity is built.

Reflect on that again for a second. Value is what makes people willing to let go  of their hard earned money.

For instance when people buy food they do so because it solves a hunger problem for them. When they buy a ticket to watch a movie or a football match, they are paying for the entertainment value they expect to get in return.

A major reason why you are currently poor, broke or struggling financially is because people are not spending their money for you at all or at sufficient levels to meet your needs. In essence not enough money is flowing towards you or more money is flowing away from you than it’s flowing towards you.

This holds true for individuals as much as it holds true for businesses.

The key to reversing this and improving your financial fortune is not in waiting for a lucky break, through random rare events like lottery and sports betting. No. It is not in hoping for somebody somewhere to give you money or for the government to fix the economy. If you keep waiting to be helped or passively waiting for things outside your control to change, you will end up wasting valuable time before you realise it.

Pause for a moment now and ask yourself: “What value am I currently offering?” “What benefits am I actually providing or can I provide that will make people willing to spend their hard earned money on my offerings?”

What are you “selling”?

What do you have that it is of “sales value” that people are willing to pay for – whether online or offline, whether in your current location or in another location, whether by young people or by older people?
What problems are you solving currently?
What needs are you meeting?
In what ways are you enabling people to actualize their dreams?

Why should an employer hire you or promote you and not another candidate competing for the same opportunity with you?

As a business owner why should customers buy your products? That certain people are your friends, family members or neighbours or that you are nice to them is not enough reason for them to patronize you. The key question is how will your product offerings benefit them?

Also ask yourself: “How can I increase the amount of value I am currently offering”? How can I deliver noticeable results better, faster or cheaper than others in my field without compromising on quality?

In what ways can you make life easier for your employer or for people and businesses? How can you help them overcome their challenges and actualize their dreams?

Value is what makes people willing to release their hard earned money. When people spend their money on you or your offerings, they do so primarily on account of the value they get from you or anticipate they will get. If they are not getting value or think they won’t get value from your offerings or if they feel they will get better value from alternative sources, they won’t spend on you.

This means they won’t buy from you if you are selling a product or service, they won’t employ you if you are applying for jobs, they won’t promote you if you are looking for a raise and they won’t pay to watch you if you are selling a performance. By not spending for you, money will not flow towards you. Inevitably you will remain broke. You need to change that by selling value.

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Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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