If the kind of tasks you are performing are the same kind of tasks most other people can also perform, you will not be considered to be highly valuable in your field. As a consequence, the kind of opportunities and compensations you attract will be limited.

To better your lot you will need to do a lot better.

One of the major reasons why people are poor, perpetually broke or struggle financially is because they are not creating value that people are willing to pay for or they are creating low value that commands low compensation. And they are creating low value because they are solving the same kind of problems that just about anyone else around can solve or in the same way others are solving them.

In the workplace, the kind of tasks they perform are the same kind of tasks their employer can easily find a replacement for someone else to perform. They have no competitive edge whatsoever in the marketplace.

In business, the kind of solutions – products or services they are selling are not in any way different from what others in the same market are offering. It can also be that the solutions they are offering are not the kind of solutions people need or can afford.

In both cases, there is no differentiation, no specialization and no competitive advantage they offer.

To solve the money problem you should first solve the value problem.

To attract money you will need to create value. To attract more money you will need to create more value. Because money is currency, it flows, and it flows in the direction of value. Where value is being created that is where money flows to.

If you are broke or your business is struggling, a key question you should ask yourself is this: “what value am I creating in the marketplace that people are willing to pay for”?

The more complex the problems you solve the higher and faster you will rise regardless of the field or country you operate in.

The more complex the job is, the fewer the people that are willing or able to do it. That is where your opportunity lies if you if you want to rise rapidly. This holds true in career as much as it holds true in business.

Learn to solve the kind of problems others cannot readily solve or solve the same problems faster, cheaper, better or more easily than others are able to.

In developing yourself, don’t just acquire any skills and qualifications available, acquire the ones that will enable you to solve complex ones that meet people’s needs.

In running a business, don’t just create or sell any product or service that tickles your fancy, sell solutions that the market wants and people are willing to pay for. It is not easy but it is necessary.

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Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


About the Facilitator – Ayo Adebamowo Ayo Adebamowo is an Author, Speaker and Tech Entrepreneur. He is the founder of MyMedicalBank, a health technology company promoting digital access to healthcare through creating innovative digital solutions.

A Nigerian-British national, Ayo has been named as one of the 70 Most Outstanding Healthcare Professionals in the United Kingdom.

Having started and run various businesses himself in healthcare, technology, agriculture and publishing, Ayo very much understands from a practical point of view the pains, struggles and mistakes aspiring and established business owners often make that delay their success. He therefore brings his wealth of experience coupled with years of experience and research to help other entrepreneurs succeed in their journey.

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