Nature abhors stagnation. Nothing in life is static so you can’t afford to be an exception. Life is designed for adventure and in the words of David Abioye; “Adventure means additional venture”. Progress is advancing movement in the right direction. It is what guarantees success. It is moving forward that takes you forward. “When we are trying we are winning” (John Mason). When we move forward, you make progress. When you move forward the more, you make progress the more. Until you arise you don’t arrive. It is people who arise that ultimately rise. Emerson said; “Man is for ever striving to be settled. It is only in so far as he is unsettled is there any hope for him”. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”, says Zig Ziglar. Niccolo Machaialleli also said; “Man should attempt everything and not be dismayed by anything”. Get started and keep moving. Continuity is what guarantees maximum success in any task. You won’t get there in a day but daily. Your first steps even through right may not bring instant success but keep working. Sooner of later you will get there. Keep moving everyday towards accomplishing your set goals. God created the world in six consecutive days. He never stopped for once until he was through. The best day to confront your challenges is TODAY. We live daily so we are to act daily. Life calls for decisive actions. An achiever really is one who achieves per day. Because we live per day wee are to invest per day. Do something daily that will ultimately add to your future. Nothing breeds frustration like stagnation. Yet life could be very frustrating when it is devoid of progress.
(An extract from the book: Success Power by Ayo Adebamowo)

Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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