Most people protect their wealth, their houses, their health, and their position but they don’t protect themselves in the area of their relationships. There are people who need to change their company in order to advance from their current level.

Your associations – the people you closely associate with can be your limitation or your elevation. A positive association will elevate you; a negative association will limit you. This is why you need to be intentional in the choice of people you associate closely with.

It matters who you permit into your life. It matters who you marry, run business with or are close friends with. Successful people are very discretional and choosy including in their choice of associates.

It matters a lot who you associate with. A toxic relationship – wrong choice of life partner, wrong choice of business partner, wrong friendship, sticking with a toxic boss, or membership of a wrong association can slow down or even derail your great destiny. It is a most painful and limiting life experience.

In the words of Henry Ward Beecher, “Well married, a man is winged— ill-matched, he is shackled.” This holds true for any type of important relationship not just marriage. Your company significantly shapes your outcomes and ultimately your destination.

You protect yourself by being discerning in your choice of relationships. To advance constantly from point A to point B in your personal and professional journey, there are people you will need to avoid associating with. There are those you need to limit your association with, and the level of access you give them.

You need to protect yourself from negative and toxic influence. Accordingly, you should avoid associating closely with negative minded and toxic people and people who are not profitable in any way to your mission. To do this, learn to subject people to a test of relationship before forming any deep association with them and be quick to walk out of any relationship that is evidently heading for a dangerous destination.

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Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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