Success Power (Paperback)

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Success Power (Paperback)


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What secrets can you and I learn from the humble but inspiring stories of the following individuals and others?

  • Enoch Adeboye – The World’s greatest crowd puller
  • Thomas Alva Edison – The world’s greatest inventor
  • Bill Gates – The world’s richest man
  • Apostle Paul – The greatest Christian Missionary
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson – America’s wisest man ever
  • King Solomon – The wisest monarch of all times
  • Albert Einstein – Man of the (20th) century & world’s greatest scientist
  • John D. Rockefeller – The richest man in modern history
  • David Oyedepo – Pastor of the world’s largest church auditorium
  • William Shakespeare –The greatest name in English Literature
  • Confucius – The greatest among the sages of China


  • What does it take to accomplish the dreams of your heart regardless of all oppositions?
  • What does it take for messengers to become managers; gatemen to become great men and the led to become the leader?
  • In essence, how can you become the best that you can be?

Find out answers to these posers and much more in this motivational book: SUCCESS POWER.

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