Years ago social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter and others all started off as platforms for social interactions and connecting with loved ones.

Today, that’s fast changing. Social media has gone beyond just connecting people together and offering entertainment. It is creating immense opportunities for people and businesses to make money particularly through what is known as social commerce.

Today you can be producing your merchandise in your home somewhere in Lagos and selling to clients in London and other locations in the world.

I know of individuals who are making fortune through leveraging social media to showcase and sell their product offerings – dresses, dried fish, foodstuff, jewellery, comedy skits, training programmes, consultancy and other services to customers across the world.

Social commerce is a fusion of e-commerce and social media. It is about using social media to sell your products and services overtly or covertly, directly or indirectly.

As an individual or a business, do you have anything you are selling or you can sell – a product, a service, a skill, a solution or information? To generate substantial sales it will be to your immense advantage to pay attention to social commerce.

To ignore social commerce is to lose out on a significant market you could otherwise tap into at minimal costs.

Social media allows you to promote your products, receive customer orders or drive them to a physical or online outlet to place their orders.

Not only that, social media allows you to drive conversations and build a community around your offerings. It creates awareness for your offerings and build trust in your brand, allowing prospects and customers to interact with you directly at a pace and cost no other platform can offer you.

There is a growing popularity of short video clips on social media – TikTok video, Instagram and Facebook Reels, YouTube shorts and others. These short-form video, live-streaming and social networking are three major factors driving social commerce. It is to your advantage that you pay attention to them in your quest to make money on social media.

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Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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