All rivers have one goal: to end in the sea.

England’s longest river, River Thames ends in the North Sea. River Niger from where Nigeria derives her name flows into the Atlantic Ocean. River Nile the longest river in Africa flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The Amazon River ends in the Atlantic Ocean.

Yes all rivers aspire to end in the sea but they do not all achieve that goal. Some end up in a lake, some empty into another river, some end in a desert, and some called ephemeral rivers simply dry up.

But all rivers aspire to flow into the sea.

In its attempt to reach the sea its ultimate destination, a river faces numerous obstacles but it keeps going. Where it encounters a mountain, hill or rock rather than stop, somehow it finds its way around it. Humans dump wastes and objects in it but regardless it keeps flowing towards the sea.

Be and flow like a river: live a purpose-driven life.

Have specific goals for different areas of your life and live by them: career, finance, business, relationships, marriage, ministry, family, health etc.

You will encounter obstacles, difficulties and setbacks but be like a river, find a way around them. If you cannot move a mountain you encounter, move around it. If you cannot move around it, move through it. But by all keeps moving towards goal. Flow like the river: be resolute and resilient. When failures occur and they will, treat them as moments not as monuments, learn from them and move on.

Like a river, people will dump garbage into you but keep going. You will be stabbed in the back. You will experience betrayals. It is the way of life. You will be insulted and ridiculed particularly when you experience what humans call “failure” or when you make mistakes. People will talk about you. They will misjudge your motives but be like river, keep flowing towards your sea.

How has your flowing experience been? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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