Bulletproof Car
The convoy of a popular Nigerian cleric Apostle Johnson Suleiman was fatally attacked in October 2022 leading to the death of 7 people including 4 policemen. Reports indicate the cleric was in a bulletproof car when the attack occurred.

Undoubtedly losing those precious lives was a tragedy and a big loss to their families. Nonetheless being driven in a bulletproof car in the face of armed attack highlights the vital role technology can play in the fight against crime.

James Ritty an American shop owner became very concerned that his employees were stealing from his sales profit. His search for a way to stop this led him to develop the cash register in 1879 in the US state of Ohio.

The cash register has since evolved to what is now popularly known as POS (point-of-sales) software.

Walter Buch invented the closed-circuit television (CCTV) system in Germany during the Second World War initially to be able to watch safely from a bunker rockets that were being launched.

Today over one billion CCTV cameras are installed worldwide at homes, business premises, public facilities and many other locations to deter, prevent and detect criminal activities.

GPS Trackers
The trio of Roger Easton, Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson are credited with inventing the Global Positioning System (GPS) originally for the US military.

A satellite-based radio navigation system, GPS trackers when installed in vehicles or personal items can help in locating these property when stolen to facilitate recovery.

GPS trackers can also be used to monitor movements of assets like containers, shipments and fleet to ensure timely deliveries. Attaching GPS trackers to personal belongings like luggages or wearing them can be used to promote personal safety or recovery in the case of personal items.

Be Safe
Have you thought of ways you can use technology to enhance your personal safety and security as well as that of your loved ones and any business and assets you manage?

Time to think 🤔

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Written by : Ayo Adebamowo


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